The Dog Friendly Office Tour and Trial Session 2023

free stitch is pleased to announce the Dog-Friendly Office Project Tour and Trial Session 2023 at our Jingumae Tokyo office.

Our increasingly-popular Dog-Friendly Office Project tour has been enhanced since our last session with even more hands-on content. This event is designed to give everyone a chance to experience the appeal of the Dog-Friendly Office Project.

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1. Dog-Friendly Office Tour

Attendees on the day will have a chance to visit and take a look around the free stitch office and experience how we have created a space where people can spend time working alongside their pets in a safe environment. Our staff will also prepare a photo spot where guests can take photos to simulate the appearance of coming to work with a pet. 

2. Level Check Experience

free stitch is offering the experience of taking a Dog-Friendly Office Project Level Check conducted by one of our regular specialist dog trainers. After the check, owners can get a piece of one-point feedback from the trainer that is unique to their dog’s training level. How do dogs react in an unusual and unfamiliar place? It might be a valuable opportunity to see a new side of your dog that you don't normally see.

3. Dog-Friendly Office Project Roundtable Discussion

free stitch will be holding a roundtable discussion to simulate an atmosphere akin to a company meeting. During this time, we will ask owners to have their dogs spend time at their feet and to experience how their dogs will behave during a real company meeting.

*Please note that videos and photos taken during the event will be used for social networking and future promotional activities.

*After the event, attendees will be asked to complete a feedback questionnaire.

Attendees who agree with the above are welcome to join us and help make this project a success. Participants who are unable to attend with a dog or pet are also welcome.

We will also be offering a participation gift on the day!

Dog-Friendly Office Project Tour & Trial Session Application Page - 27th August 2023

Participants will be selected by lottery from the pool of applicants. Please state your reason for applying in the ‘Remarks’ section of the application form. Successful applicants will be informed of the result by Thursday 10th August 2023.

* Please note that the day's experience will be conducted in Japanese only

For more information on the Dog-friendly office project, please click here.

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