Dog Friendly Office Project Tour & Information Session Scheduled for December 7th 2021

The Dog-friendly Office Project Information Session was scheduled to be held in
May 2021; however, due to the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and in the interests of public safety, the event was unfortunately postponed. 

This winter season, free stitch is pleased to announce that we have decided to hold the Dog-friendly Office Project Information Session again on Tuesday 7th December 2021!

Since we started the Dog-friendly Office Project, we have been reporting our progress on our store and on SNS, but we found that we did not have the right opportunity to explain the details of the scheme directly to everyone in person. 

This time we will be showcasing and explaining the benefits of commuting and working alongside your pet in the office.

free stitch would like to help others create and environment in the office where staff can enjoy working while taking care of their pets, so we will hold this information session for all who are interested in learning more about this scheme.

At present, we will only be conducting the session on-site in Japanese, but all are welcome to attend with an advance reservation. 

In the future, we will be collecting thoughts and opinions from industry-leading specialists in dog training and animal conservation on the Dog-friendly Office Project so that we can continue to improve the working life for pet owners and their dogs.

We hope that many working people will come and visit us to take part in the event. 

To take part in the event, please apply for a reservation here (Japanese language only) 

We look forward to seeing you. 

For more information on the Dog-Friendly Office Project, please click here.

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