The Tanned Leather Collar Range

One of our most popular product series is the Tanned Leather Collar range, exclusively from free stitch. Made using high-quality handcrafted cow leather and then vegetable tanned for extra protection and longevity, the tanned leather range is an excellent choice of collar for your dog. 

We are proud that all free stitch tanned leather products are produced using high-quality imported American leather, then cut and tanned in Japan using vegetable tannin to give them a beautiful finish.  

One of the unique features of tanned leather is that it will naturally age and the color will change over time thus giving it the appearance of ‘aging’ with your dog. This soft and marbled sheen on the leather surface is caused by exposure to the elements and the natural oils in your dog’s coat creating an effect known as ‘patina’. The resulting coloring of the leather is unique to every dog. 

Products in our Tanned Leather Collar range have been built to last the lifetime of your dog and make a great choice for the style-conscious dog owner. All of our tanned leather products are double stitched for strength and have been embossed with the free stitch logo. 

The free stitch Tanned Leather Collar range includes:

Tanned Leather Collar

Our standard entry collar for the Tanned Leather range. Simple and classic, the collar has been double-stitched and comes with a standard metal buckle and loop.

Tanned Leather Woven Collar

The Tanned Leather Woven Collar features intricately woven leather braids that offer strength and flexibility in one.

Tanned Leather Concho Collar

Inlaid with one of three designs of classic silver coin at the throat, the Tanned Leather Concho Collar adds that extra special sense of style to the tanned leather collar design.

Tanned Leather Wide Collar

The Tanned Leather Wide Collar allows for generous dispersion of resistance and friction around the throat and neck so discomfort is kept to a minimum.

Tanned Leather Soft Collar

As the name implies, the Tanned Leather Soft Collar uses soft leather to create a cushioned effect for maximum comfort.

Tanned Leather Woven Half Choke Collar 

Perfect for those little pups in training as the flexible chain around the throat reduces strain and prevents choking or breathing difficulties when walking.  

So for whatever purpose or whatever age, the Tanned Leather Collar range from free stitch offers simple and stylish solutions for your dog. 

The Tanned Leather Collar range is available on the free stitch International Store now.