The Stretch Knit Hoodie

A new take on our classic Stretch Tank Top, this new and improved high-gauge Stretch Knit Hoodie features an additional hood and rear pocket for extra warmth in the chilly season. 

Our no-fuss, easy-to-wear stretch knit products can be slipped on and taken off simply as they do not have any fasteners or zips, making them ideal for those dogs who are not used to wearing clothes. The stretch-knit fleece has been specially manufactured using the latest technology to provide a high-gauge fabric that provides maximum warmth while simultaneously allowing flexibility for your dog.

The Stretch Knit Hoodie is the ideal product for young dogs who like to get their clothes on and to get out and about as soon as possible, or for older dogs who need that little bit more extra protection from the cold. It can also be easily worn when out walking in case of sudden temperature drops.  

The Stretch Knit Hoodie is now available in a range of sizes from small to large breeds of dog and can be ordered on the free stitch International Store.