free stitch Charity Fundraising

As a way for us to give back to the pet community in Japan, we collect donations from participants at our Charity Photoshoot and Meetup events via our fundraising collection. 

We accept donations from JPY100 upwards and all proceeds go towards supporting running our awareness campaigns and events. 

With the proceeds, we also create original free stitch rawhide leather collars as a gift for foster families who adopt a new pet as a way of us saying ‘thank you’ on their behalf.   

Through our charity events, we hope to raise awareness of the situation facing dogs and cats without homes and generate support for volunteers and foster families. Together we hope to create a brighter future for the pets of the world. 

To make a donation, please visit the free stitch company webpage for more details (Japanese only).

Thank you for your continued support in bettering the lives of dogs and cats in Japan and worldwide. 

To learn more about free stitch charity activities, please click here.