free stitch at Interpets Tokyo 2021

free stitch was proud to be a member of the 2021 Interpets exhibition group held between 1st April to 4th April 2021 at Tokyo Big Sight. We were joined by exhibitors from all over Japan and the world in introducing our products, services, and activities to both businesses and the general public alike.    

On this occasion, we focused our activities on three sections: 

free stitch Meetup Activities 

We were pleased to announce the 2021 Meetup illustration collection for both the spring/summer and autumn/winter events earlier this year. At Interpets, we had postcard selections from the complete 2021 collection on display for our customers to take home with them. Many of our customers were thrilled by the fashionable and cute illustrations created for us by Ms. Fumi Koike and corocci so they were happy to select a number of postcards for sharing with friends and family. 

In addition to the artwork exhibition, we gave attendees a chance to take a photo of their dog against an original artwork poster for posting on social media with a chance to win free stitch coupons. Suffice to say, many took this as a great opportunity to both take photos of their dogs and learn more about the free stitch 2021 Meetup events.

free stitch Original Food Sampling 

With the launch of our new range of healthy and delicious food For Dog and For Cat in 2020, many attendees came to try out the food for themselves. We offered the complete range of For Dog Duck, For Dog Beef, and For Dog Salmon, along with For Cat Turkey and Chicken for smelling and tasting. We got a great reaction to the food from most dogs and many took a sample bag home to try out for themselves. 

free stitch Product Sampling

This year we had on display a selection of our popular products from the 2020 autumn/winter and 2021 spring/summer collections for Interpets participants to try out. We welcomed those who had questions or concerns over some of the products which they had previously only been able to view on our online store, for example, some people wished to feel the fabrics in hand, or they wanted to see how some clothing fit on their dogs. We also had many inquiries about our carry bag range sizing and some participants tested to see how comfortable their cats and dogs were inside. Many felt Interpets was a great opportunity to see the products and feel our quality for themselves, however, we also offer the opportunity for our customers to visit our Shibuya showroom with a reservation to test our products.    

free stitch at Interpets 2021 was a success and we were happy to have the opportunity to meet and interact with many of our customers while taking precautions against the spread of COVID-19

We hope that next year we can meet many more people from Japan and around the world. 

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Interpets 2022.