The Square Tote Carry Bag Selection

The Square Tote Carry Bag series is as simple as it gets - clean, fresh, flexible, natural. 

At free stitch, we love going back to basics as we feel the natural way is the best way to connect to your pet. The Square Tote Carry Bag selection embodies the simplest form of pet carry and travel. 

Flexible and soft, the selection of linen, cotton, and canvas materials ensure a comfortable and allergen-free experience for your pet while travelling around with you. 

In keeping with the free stitch organic color palette, we produced carry bags in natural beige, white, black, navy, grey and khaki to allow seamless coordination with your home interior and clothing.   

Several varieties and styles of square tote carry bags are available to fit your pet’s mood and style on the free stitch international store.

All featuring a fully openable zip mesh top, the Square Tote selection allows maximum air circulation and breathability so your dog is kept cool and refreshed all day long.  

Additional features include a buttonless side pocket, outer accessory clip, and inner lead clip for a minimalistic appearance yet retaining a sense of high functionality. 

The Square Tote Carry Bag selection is a must for the upcoming summer season.