free stitch Foster Parent Charity Activities: Introducing the ’I'm home! Welcome home!' Campaign

The free stitch annual charity photoshoot contest is held at various venues around Japan every year and is open to both regular and first-time attendees.

Proceeds collected from attendees are used in the manufacture of special collars to be presented to owners who adopt a dog through our foster home project. 

* Photo data at each event is sold separately. (JPY 2,000 per photo (excl. tax)).

Campaign Concept

In Japan, we traditionally say ただいま (tadaima or 'I'm home!') and おかえり (okaeri or 'welcome home!') to greet the return of a loved one at home. At free stitch, we created this campaign to foster the same feeling of warmth, love and sense of belonging for a newly adopted foster dog - so we came up with the 'I'm Home! Welcome Home!' promotional campaign'.

Finding and settling into a new home is a challenging time for an adopted dog regardless of their background. At free stitch, we want to promote the feeling of warmth and security between an adopted dog and their new family by encouraging the welcome home concept.

We hope that new foster owners accept their new family member into their home with responsibility and care so that the dog never has to be abandoned again.

So we have embossed this collar with the words 'I'm home! Welcome home!' so the family can always remember the day their new dog entered their home.

We hope that you enjoy giving your new family member a wonderful home.

For more information about the 'I'm home! Welcome home!' campaign, please visit the free stitch company webpage