The Stretch Tank Top

Simple. Stylish. Comfortable. Three things that we believe are essential when it comes to choosing the right outfit for your dog. 

Introducing an update on the classic favourite Stretch Tank Top from free stitch!

Ranking high on the popularity scale with our four-legged pals in the free stitch office, the Stretch Tank Top has become our go-to item for a quick walk, run in the park or simply popping down to the shops. No buttons, no fasteners, no hassle.   

Made from finely-knitted and high-gauge cotton, the tank top lives up to it’s ‘stretch’ namesake as it is easy to put and wear. The elasticated hem waist and cuffs keep the tank close to your dog’s body while maintaining maximum flexibility. 

We designed this product for those who have busy lives who are looking for something quick and warm to wear without sacrificing style. 

Keep your dog comfortable this spring with the Stretch Tank Top available on the free stitch international store.