Dog Friendly Office Project: Our Dogs Took an Office Assessment!

In the spirit of ‘Enriching the Workplace with Your Dog" at free stitch, we started the ‘Dog Friendly Office Project’ in September 2019. 

To commemorate the launch of the Dog Friendly Office Project, we will hold an annual event at the free stitch office called the ‘Dog Friendly Office Day’ on May 12th 2021.

As part of the preparation process, we conducted a quick assessment on the dogs who come into the office on a regular basis.

We mainly examine if there are any issues that have come up while in the workplace and whether it had any impact on our business operation.

Additionally, we also look at if the dog is comfortable around unfamiliar people or other dogs, if they are sensitive to noise, and whether they can stay calm if their owner has to leave the room without them.

In the future, we hope to have professional trainers and behavioral experts come in to help us make a better assessment of each dog’s personality and individual needs.

If you are interested in starting a Dog Friendly Office Project or if you are curious to find about more about your dog’s character, we encourage you to think about running or taking part in an assessment. 

If you would like to know more about setting up your own assessment, please feel free to contact us (Japanese only). Please be sure to state 'Dog Friendly Office Project Assessment' in the nature of your inquiry. 

For more information on the Dog Friendly Office Project, please click here.

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