The Cooling Aluminium Plate

Now summer is in full swing and the humidity is at its peak, your dog may be struggling to keep cool. 

Overheating and heat stroke are common ailments that affect both humans and animals alike so it is important to pay attention to your dog’s welfare during this time of year. 

As it is sometimes costly and inconvenient to use the cooling function of air-conditioning all day long, having a place where your dog can go to cool down in the shade is a must. 

Introducing the Cooling Aluminium Plate from free stitch! 

Made from 100% lightweight aluminium, the plate can be placed underneath the free stitch Stylish Playpen for a perfect fit, or it can be left out separately on the floor as an area where your dog can go to escape the heat. 

Featuring four non-slip acrylic feet in the corners of the plate, it ensures that it will stay put on a variety of flooring types.   

Perfect for keeping your dog cool and calm through the peak heat of summertime. 

The Cooling Aluminium Plate is available in sizes M and L on the free stitch International Store now.