The Piled Cotton Snood Scarf

Keeping your dog clean and healthy requires regular attention and care. Sometimes infections or sickness can come from the most overlooked sources. One of the most sensitive areas for a dog are their ears and they are prone to infections that can be painful and could involve extended treatment. Keeping your dog’s ears clean, tidy, and infection-free can contribute greatly to your dog’s overall quality of life.

To help maintain our dogs’ ear health, we designed and created the free stitch original Piled Cotton Snood Scarf.

Snood scarfs were originally worn as a way of keeping hair off the face and tucked away at work, and have recently become a popular way of both keeping dog’s ears warm and comfortably out of the way when feeding - especially for breeds that have longer ears than others. 

Quite often long or drooping ears can get matted with food or get wet with water, not to mention getting caught on brambles or plants while playing, thus becoming fertile breeding ground for bacteria if not brushed or maintained immediately - the Piled Cotton Snood Scarf helps to eliminate this worry. 

Made with hypo-allergenic organic piled cotton, the lightly elasticated scarf fits comfortably around the back of your dog’s head, tucking the ears away safely so your dog can eat and play in peace. 

The piled cotton material is suitable all year round as it provides both breathability and snugness, so it stays cool in the summer and warm in winter. 

As this is a product made with organic cotton, we recommend hand-washing separately from other clothing to prolong the lifespan and colouration of the product.  

Help your dog to have healthy and happy ears with the Piled Cotton Snood Scarf.  

The Piled Cotton Snood Scarf is available in brown and grey and sizes S to L on the free stitch International Store now.