The Duck Down Jacket

In an effort to improve upon the already popular Duck Down Jacket from last year's Autumn / Winter collection, we are pleased to announce our second iteration of the jacket which now features a press-stud standing collar and double-luster material. 

The jacket is filled with high-quality duck-down and remains as lightweight as ever while the updated design of the jacket features a velcro chest and high neck press-stud buttoned collar to protect against the cold. To help the jacket stand out from its predecessor, the rear and upper chest of the product has a subtle dual matte and gloss finish.

In addition to the jacket’s cosmetic changes, we have added an antistatic inner layer to prevent dry air static shock for both the dog and the owner during use - this is especially useful for those who live in areas that experience cold and dry winters.  


The new and improved Duck Down Jacket is available in beige and navy colour schemes on the free stitch international store now.