The free stitch Carry Bag Accessory Range

free stitch offers a variety of high-quality and stylish carry bags to fit the needs of your treasured pets however, sometimes a little customization is necessary to get the best and most comfortable travel experience. 

Introducing the carry bag base plate, base cover, and cushion range from free stitch! 

All of the free stitch carry bags come with a removable base plate insert that lines the bottom of the bag and helps it to keep its shape. Each base plate is fully customizable with our four different base plate insert and covers and our portable cushion. Each has been designed to fit snugly in each of our carry bags. We also offer a range of sizes to fit. 

The Aluminum Base Plate Insert

A removable replacement for the standard base plate that comes with each of our carry bags, the aluminium base plate insert keeps your pet cool and is perfect for those sweltering hot days. The aluminium plate can also be placed in your pet’s bed or directly onto the floor to provide instant cooling relief. 

The Artificial Turf Base Plate Insert

One of our more unique yet popular products, the artificial turf base plate insert simulates the feeling of lying on fresh spring grass and provides stress-relief when travelling. The cushioned high-grade polyester material is ideal as a bed or resting spot for your pet when placed on the floor. 

The Corduroy Carry Bag Base Plate Insert Cover-

Designed to cover either one the standard carry bag insert provided with each free stitch carry bag or to cover the aluminium base plate insert, the corduroy carry bag base plate cover conveys the feeling of classic luxury and plush comfort for your pet. The cover can be machine washed for easy-care, but we recommend hand washing to maintain the longevity of the product. Available in brown and khaki variants. 

The Fleece Carry Bag Insert Cover 

When the cold creeps in and the nights get long, what better way to keep your pet toasty and warm when travelling than with the boa Fleece Carry Bag Base Plate Insert Cover. Available in both khaki and brown variants to fit your style, the polyester fleece will guarantee to keep your pet comfortable on those long winter journeys.    

The Portable Cushioned Soft Mat

Sometimes your pet just needs a little extra comfort. Whether it is catering to pets who have special requirements or those who just enjoy the feeling of a cushioned bed that reminds them of home, the cotton-linen-covered cushioned mat can adapt to a variety of needs. It can be laid out flat on the floor to act as a free-standing bed, or can be folded to fit perfectly into the corresponding size of free stitch carry bag. Available in natural and khaki variants.  

So wherever you are and whatever journey you are taking (or even if it is just relaxing at home), give your pet the best carry bag experience possible with our range of customizable inserts and cushions available on the free stitch international store now.