The free stitch Food Bowl

Our popular food bowl is back with a new ergonomic design. 

Made from 100% porcelain, this elegantly-design bowl is a simple and stylish complement to any home. Its gentle, minimalist appearance allows it to blend well with a variety of interior designs while being pleasing to the eye. 

The updated design of the bowl has a gently tapered and extra smooth inner that helps food collect effectively in the center making it easy for even dogs with small muzzles to eat. The base of the bowl has a non-slip acrylic rim to ensure the bowl stays firmly in place even for the most enthusiastic of eaters. 

As a new feature, the base now has two small grooves to allow ease of grip when picking up and moving the bowl.

While the primary focus of the bowl’s design is to ensure a comfortable eating experience for your dog, it can also double as a water dish, or go side-by-side with another food bowl to offer both food and water in a natural style. 


The new and redesigned food bowl from free stitch is now available in white and black variants on the free stitch international store.