The Pet Grooming Towel Series

As the weather begins to change and spring is on the horizon, now is the best time to get out and about with your dog. Along with the change in temperature, the number of rainy days may also start to increase, so having a convenient and quick solution to drying your dog after being out for a walk becomes a high priority. Spring also sees a change in pet coats from a thick winter coat to a lighter summer fur, so shedding will also start to become more common. Keeping your pet comfortable during this transition of hair shedding may mean bathing your pet more often. 

Introducing the all-new Pet Grooming Towel series from free stitch. 

As we are continuing to brainstorm more and more ways to help owners get the best out of their lives with their dogs, we have expanded into the pet care and grooming categories. The Pet Grooming Towel is one of the first of our quality grooming care products.

Available in three types for different situations: Regular Towel, Bath Towel, and Mitten Towel, the Pet Grooming Towel series is ideal for a variety of situations.

Pet Grooming Towel

The original pet grooming towel is approximately 38cm×38cm in size and is made from 100% cotton. It is pocket-sized so it can be taken out with you on a walk or can be left at the door for easy-paw cleaning on return to your home.  

Pet Grooming Bath Towel 

A larger version of the standard Pet Grooming Towel, this bath towel sizes up at around 38cm×110cm as is again made from the same 100% cotton. Its larger size makes it more suited for drying the whole body of a medium-sized dog and, when combined with another bath towel or regular towel, can quickly down the body of larger breeds. 

Pet Grooming Mitten Towel 

For excitable pets who are always on the move, the Pet Grooming Mitten Towel comes in handiest. At approximately 26cm × 85cm and featuring a ‘pocket’ for your hand, it can be worn like a glove and used to quickly wipe your pet’s body when they are leaving the bathing area. 

All three products in the Pet Grooming Towel series feature dual-purpose faces to maximize their effectiveness and comfort for your pet. The rear sides of the towels have a dense terrycloth pile loop that quickly absorbs water from your pet’s fur and so making after-bath or post-rainy-day walk drying a breeze. On the front side of the towels, the pile loop has been closely sheared down to create a velvet feel that prevents your pet’s claws from getting caught in the material.

Keeping your pet nice and dry has never been easier with the Pet Grooming Towel series. 

All three products are available in one size and in three colors: beige, brown, and navy. 

The free stitch Pet Grooming Towel series is available on the international store now.