All-round Antibacterial Range for Pets

We are excited to announce our new range of pet care products made exclusively for free stitch. 

Part of our new care series focuses on promoting the health and wellbeing of your pet, and under these new and unprecedented times pet hygiene and safety has become paramount. 

Introducing the All-round Antibacterial Spray and Antibacterial Pod for Pets

Whether it is giving your pet’s bed and toys a quick once-over clean, or creating an anti-virus protection barrier in the home, both the spray and the pod can help keep you and your pet safe from harmful bacteria and viruses whatever your lifestyle. 

The All-round Spray can be applied directly to your pet’s furniture and other products, such as toys, leads, and playpens, and creates a protective layer that instantly neutralizes harmful pathogens and mold, while safeguarding pets from parasites, such as fleas and lice. As it contains non-corrosive elements and ingredients, it will not damage your pet products so you can use it with confidence. 

The All-round Pod can be placed on any surface in your home, in your car, or near your pet’s living area and will slowly release powerful sterilizing agents to counteract bacteria, parasites, and odors. As the pod works passively to keep your home safe, it can be left conveniently in place for up to 90 days for an area of up to 12m².  

Both the care products can be used around pets, children, and the elderly safely without any harmful effects; however, we do not recommend applying the product directly to the surface of the skin or fur.

Help your pet and family stay protected with the All-round Antibacterial Spray and All-round Antibacterial Pod available on the free stitch international store now.