Dog Friendly Office Project: What Are Some of the Benefits of Working from Home?

At free stitch, our staff are taking every precaution we can to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, so we are continuing to work from home.

Working from home is a great system for employees to enjoy working while taking care of their pets and young children. 

Because working at home means you no longer have to commute (sometimes an hour or more) into the office, our staff can pick up their children from nursery or school on time or be present when their family members are feeling under the weather, etc. This also applies to keeping pets. We cannot always predict or know when our pets get sick, so working from home has the advantage of being able to notice or respond appropriately when something is amiss. Another added benefit is that your pet may not suffer from loneliness or stress as much as when their owner is out at the office all day. 

Working from home is becoming more and more commonplace in 2021 and beyond, so many people are spending more time with their pets and children than before. At free stitch, we believe this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on how nice it would be to work for such a company and society that promotes a positive work-life balance. 

We are always looking forward to receiving thoughts and opinions on the Dog-friendly Office Project so if you are interested in sharing your ideas, please feel free to complete the questionnaire (Japanese only). 

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