Dog Friendly Office Project Point 15: Accepting Multiple Pets on the Same Day


In the spirit of ‘Enriching the Workplace with Your Dog" at free stitch, we started the ‘Dog Friendly Office Project’ in September 2019. 

Since then, we have listened to the feedback from our customers about how their workplaces view bringing pets to work and we have created a set of guidelines for our staff who come to the office with their pets.

Through a series of blog entries, we hope to expand on and explain some of the reasoning behind the guidelines that we created in the consent form. 

In our previous blog posts, we explained some of the logic behind setting the rules written in our guidelines for bringing pets to work. In our following series of blogs, we would like to focus on some of the precautions we should take while your pet is with you in the office. 

In the previous blog post, we examined the sixth point of the office guidelines; ‘restrictions placed on pets is at the discretion of the management staff according to their level of discipline and training’.

In this blog, we will explain the final rule of the office regulations; ‘if a large number of staff apply to bring their pets to the office on the same day, the compatibility of attending pets may be checked and you may be asked to select another day to bring your pet’.

We reviewed the reasoning behind encouraging pets to have undergone basic training before coming to the office. This also has relevance to point 7 of the guidelines, particularly in regards to socialisation between pets and other people in the office. 

In an ideal situation, we hope that all pets and people can get along well in the office, however if we take into consideration the varying differences in breed, size, strength and gender of pets in the office, it is sometimes unavoidable if trouble happens. At free stitch, we ask our staff to notify us in advance if they intend to bring their pets to the office. We then carefully consider the space limitations, different temperaments and compatibility between pets who intend to come to the office on the same day and decide who can come on which day. 

We mentioned in our previous article that we continue to foster the spirit of encouraging pets to come to the office, regardless of their background, so little by little we hope to help owners train their dogs so that they can enjoy socialising with others at work. 

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