Dogs Who Feel Stressed Staying Home Alone - Part 1

Happy New Year greetings from free stitch!

In 2023, we look forward to launching more events and activities to help spread the word about the benefits of the Dog-Friendly Office Project

In this post, we would like to discuss leaving pets at home. During the holiday season, many of us enjoyed chilling out and spending time relaxing with our pets, bonding at home, or going travelling together. This is a happy time for both pets and owners.

However, what happens to your pet once everyone goes back to work at the beginning of the year? Many owners are returning to the office full-time after the pandemic and this can cause a lot of stress for your dog that more often than not can go unnoticed. 

Even if your dog seems to be okay staying at home alone, being separated from their owner can cause a lot of hidden stress that can affect their behaviour.  

There are several methods to help create a comfortable environment for your dog to experience less stress when their owner is absent, such as gradually leaving them alone for short periods of time for them to get used to the situation; however, this largely depends on the dog and can sometimes be quite tricky. The Dog-Friendly Office Project is working hard to help increase the number of offices where staff can bring their pets to work to reduce such stress!

In reality, Japan is still a long way off from being a truly pet-friendly society and most companies do not allow their staff to bring their pets to the office, so the Dog-Friendly Office Project is also researching ways in which we can reduce the stress of those dogs who are left at home alone. 

How do you feel about leaving your pet at home? We would be interested to hear your opinions in our survey (Japanese language only). 

As mentioned above, we are working to improve our employees' working experience and the quality of life of their pets. We will continue to organise events to introduce our Dog-Friendly Office Project activities.

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