The Fresh Stripe Range

The Fresh Stripe Range

Introducing the Fresh Stripe Range of leads and collars from free stitch! 

A classic staple of the free stitch lead, collar and harness lineup, the fresh stripe range features anti-odor technology (giving the products the ‘fresh’ namesake) making sure that your dog feels comfortable and clean all-year-round.
As our lives get busier, night-walking with your four-legged friend might become a more common activity, so to promote night-time visibility and to keep you and your dog safe, we have woven special reflective material into the fabric of the leads and collars.

As we know how frisky little puppies can be, we paid attention to the half-choke collar design to make it as easy-to-wear as possible for small dogs in training by adding a cushioned layer around the neck area and preventing strain on the neck and throat. 

In addition to the above features, we also offer different lengths of lead from the traditional full-length lead, to the short handle which is ideal for larger dogs who may need more control in certain situations. 

All of the lead products feature steel lobster claw snap hooks making them strong, reliable and giving you peace of mind.

Make this a fresh spring with the Fresh Stripe Range available now in full leadsshort leads, multi-purpose leadscollars, half-choke collarsand handles on our international store.