The Oiled Leather Braided Lead and Collar Collection

Introducing another first product from free stitch - the all-new Oiled Leather Braided series of leads and collars. 

This high-quality, vegetable-tanned, soft and supple leather has been carefully selected and cured by specialists in the Netherlands and imported into Japan. Natural oils present in the leather and the single layer of material with no stitching allow for maximum stretchability while maintaining strength and durability. 

All of the leads and collars in the oiled leather collection have a unique braid design at the hook and handle for the leads and at the buckle for the collars giving it that extra sense of minimal yet stylish flair.  

Embossed with our signature logo, the lead collection has been finished with stylish matte black plated lobster clasp hooks, and rings making the products work in harmony with a wide variety of styles, interiors and settings.

For this collection, we have expanded our range to include both a
regular length lead and an extra long length lead, which is great for smaller dog breeds who need that little bit more distance. As with our other lead and collar products, we also have multi-purpose leads, dog handles, short leads and regular leads available to meet a wide variety of dog needs.

As all of our products in this collection are cut from 100% naturally cured rawhide leather, there may be some flight fraying along the edges when first receiving the product - this is indicative of the high quality of the material and can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth. 


The Oiled Leather Braided collection is available on the free stitch international store now.

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