The Mosquito-Shielding Camo Tank Top

Summertime brings a lot of great things: hot weather, outdoor activities, fun with friends and family; but unfortunately along with the package also comes pesky bugs! 

While walking around the sunny city with your pup, or under the cool shade of the country trees with your active dog seems like a pleasant way to pass the summer months, it is not without the risk of being bitten or stung by bugs - notably mosquitoes. For those who live in countries where mosquitoes are common in the hotter months, the thought of simply going for a walk with your dog in the bug-infested outdoors can be off-putting - this is where the free stitch Mosquito-Shielding Camo Tank Top can be a great asset. 

Featuring a tightly woven, yet breathable and lightweight mesh that stops mosquitoes and other bugs from landing on your dog, the tank top helps keep your pet from suffering itchy bites that can cause severe irritation, rashes, and possible further skin complications.  The tank top has also been treated with mosquito-repellent chemicals to keep bugs from coming near and taking a crafty bite. Guaranteed to last for years, the treatment stays active even after repeated washing. 

The subtle khaki camouflage pattern is suitable for all coat types and colors, making the product remain stylish whether it is in the city or in the country. The back strip material is also reflective for excellent nighttime visibility, so your dog will not disappear into the darkness in low-light conditions! 

Don’t sacrifice your treasured walks together and save your dog a lot of itchiness and discomfort this summer with the Mosquito-Shielding Camo Tank Top from free stitch. Available in sizes SS to 5L on the free stitch international store now.